Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Teach the Word without even trying!

Posted by Brittany at 2:43 PM

How can you spread the Good news without even trying? In a word, easily.

The main way being your actions. No one wants to study the Bible with someone who acts just like them. How can you transform the world if you've conformed to it? You words and deeds are your most powerful tools; let your light shine so that others may see your good works.

The second way is to read your Bible in public. If you ride public transportation you know that there are always people willing to talk to you about anything... especially men. Why not talk to them about the passage you're reading. Plus others will see you reading and someone might ask you a question they've been pondering. Since you've got the book share it.

Another way is to invite your worldly friends over for a game or movie night with other Christians. Interacting with Christians in a fun environment could be the door opener to an invitation to a Bible study or worship. Alright three down two to go!

You could give spiritual gifts. No not the laying on of your hands. When you give gifts to co-workers or teachers or friends give them something special that also contains a scripture or Bible character. Ask them how they like it, of course they'll say they love it and then discuss the scripture or character on the gift.

Lastly, while you're forwarding jokes and pictures of kittens, forward a Christian PowerPoint or illustration. It could be something you create or get with a friend and make something with the true message of Christ. Just don't try and make people feel guilty by saying that they don't love Jesus if they don't forward it at the end of the message. LOL. Send it to everyone in your address book. And there you have it, five ways you just taught the Gospel without even breaking a sweat.


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