Monday, April 26, 2010

Mikki Taylor

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Virtuous Magazine (me) and my friend Jennifer went to the West End Ladies' Day this past Saturday. It was amazing there were two awesome speakers and sisters in Christ. The first speaker was International Ambassador Ruth Davis and the second was Essence Magazine Editor-at Large Mikki Taylor! I gave her a copy of the premiere issue of Virtuous and she said she'd give me her thoughts on the mag. I wish I would've had a copy of the Spring issue because I think it looks so much better but you have to work with what you have. :) Anyways the day was really great and I saw a lot of friends I hadn't seen in a long time. The ladies of West End did a superb job. So yeah I am still on a little baby high! Also don't forget the Summer issue comes out in 1 week! Order your subscription now to ensure you get your copy. And remember Virtuous makes a wonderful Mother's Day gift.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"He who spares his rod hates his son..."

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This article found on yahoo claims to present "hard" evidence as to why parents shouldn't spank their children. I believe anyone who reads this article and then compares it to children in their families or that they have seen in public will find its findings to be completley opposite from real life. I have personally found that children who are not spanked are "More likely to be defiant, demand immediate satisfaction of their wants and needs, get frustrated easily, have temper tantrums and lash out physically against others" than those who are. But maybe that's just me. I am not a "scientist" I just obey and believe my Bible. What do you think?

Monday, April 12, 2010

$5 Can You Believe it!

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So, many people know that I love bargain and thrift shopping and as I was blog hopping I came across a blog called Show and Tell. She had the most amazing projects and this little gem was one of them. Immediately I knew I had to possess one! So off I went to the local Goodwill to gather my tools. And here is a picture tutorial of how you can have one too! Because as we all know the Virtuous woman was a diy-er. And something like this in the store would easily cost $20. Look forward to more diy and let me know how your projects, whatever they are, turn out. Happy hunting!

Friday, April 2, 2010

It's been FOREVER

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I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything and for that I am sorry. I have been super busy working on the new issue, welcoming a friend's new baby and sharing the good news of Virtuous to other congregations. It was well received at MSOP and I was told that Sis. Cates loved it and said it was on par with Christian Woman! I am still reeling from that one. :) My dad just got back from the lectureship and took some photos of Virtuous in the library there and I will share those soon. Oh and building my own craft room table based on one from Pottery barn that I never could have afforded with the wonderful help of Ana over at Knock Off Wood! Pictures are attached and I promise I will post more often. Truly I have been quite negligent to my dear blog! How do you like the new background?


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