Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All in a Virtuous weekend

Posted by Brittany at 2:04 PM

So... I had a great weekend. I celebrated my cousin's sweet sixteenth birthday, went to an young adult Bible study at Avondale Church of Christ, enjoyed a VERY lazy Saturday and went to church on Sunday. The Bible study was especially good because the speaker, Bro. Eric Owens, taught about evangelism and its importance. One of his major points was that evangelism first needs to begin in the home. By rearing God fearing children and saving them you could be responsible for saving countless generations. Because your children will save their children and so on. It was very thought provoking. Also on Sunday, the Tara church of Christ learned of the serious illness of our Bro. William Jones. He is currently suffering from pnuemonia and other health conditions. We (me and the Mr.) went to visit him in the hospital after evening service and he could not even speak. So please keep him and his wife Catherine in your prayers.

On another note GA has been receiving non-stop rain! It's such a blessing... especially after all of the prayers that were being offered for rain. Now we've got more than we know what to do with. But at least hopefully our farmers, lakes and wildlife are benefitting from it. But Mr. sun has come out today so enjoy it while it lasts. Oh and speaking of farmers, well of food, check the ingredients on the foods that you eat. BHT, BHA and TBHQ are common preservatives and have been known to cause cancer. In California you must put a seal on your product that says contains BHT and may cause cancer! Also I checked this morning and it's in women's antiperpirant too! It is banned in almost every country in the world except the USA and Japan! And check out a documentary called Food Inc. coming out in November, which highlights some of the horrible things going into our food and going into making our food. Virtuous will be conducting a free screening of the documentary so be looking for more information on that. I think that's all for today folks. Ciao!


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