Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gay-Marriage: Big Defeat in Maine

Posted by Brittany at 2:17 PM
Michael A. Lindenberger – Wed Nov 4, 10:20 am ET

Mainers' 53-47 vote to reject gay marriage does more than simply slap down a law that just six months ago had made Maine America's second state to permit same-sex couples to wed. With voters thronging to the polls, the closely watched - and ultimately not very close - vote extended the winning streak of gay marriage opponents nationwide, who have now prevailed in more than 30 straight state elections over whether to allow gays to marry. Just like Californians one year ago, Maine voters insisted on having their own say on an issue that simply will not go away.

I think the country has spoken on how they feel about homosexual marriage and many people who are pro-traditional marriage (they always try to make us anti-) are not members of the church of Christ. Even the children of the world can differentiate right from wrong. Read the rest of the article here.


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