Friday, December 11, 2009

A Life Changing Song

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Today I wanted to post a short story written by a talented young lady who I met through Virtuous. Her name is Brooke Reninger and she worships in Cerdar Falls, Iowa. Here is the story. Enjoy!

A Life Changing Song

Violet took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. Calm down, she told herself. Just one song and you’re done.
She was used to giving concerts; she had been doing them since she was seven. So she was also accustomed to the nerves that went along with them. But this was different. She was playing just one song in front of three judges and an average size audience. Just one song to leave her mark on the audience and mystify the judges. It would be quite a challenge, especially with the song she had chosen. But it would be worth it. She could finally be discovered, get a record deal, be a star! But she had to get past this first, she reminded herself.
Someone signaled her. It was her turn. She took another deep breath and walked out on stage. The lights were blinding. The middle judge smiled at her.
“Hello. What is your name, and what will you be doing?”
“I’m Violet Tercott and I’ll be playing the piano.”
“Excellent. You may begin whenever you are ready.”
Violet gave the judges a small smile and proceeded to the piano bench. She perched there gracefully for a moment, her fingers gently resting on the keys.
Then she began to play. As she moved through the song, her nervousness fled. She gave herself over to the melody, feeling it flow through her fingertips into her entire body. She felt every emotion of the harmonies; the anger as the seconds raged, the peacefulness when fifths sounded.
She ended with a flourish of fingers and keys, to the thunderous applause of the audience and a standing ovation from the judges. Almost in a daze, she managed a slight bow.
I did it, she thought. I’m on my way. Soon, the whole world will get to hear me play. In her heart, she knew this was the most important day of her entire life.

Brooke Reninger


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