Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Posted by Brittany at 9:54 AM
Hey everyone hope you all had an enjoyable break for Dr. King's B-day. Just a few things happening over here at Virtuous. I met with the editor of Virtuous Mom and hashed out the plans for its contents and release. We were both very excited about the project and I am sure Christian moms everywhere will benefit from the variety of topics it will cover. And issue two of Virtuous is coming your way in less than two weeks! It is chock full of V-day goodies, health and beauty info and of course encouraging evangelism ideas and topics. Also be sure to check out our new website! Don't forget about the Swap 'n' Shop to celebrate issue two; let me know if it sounds like something you'd be interested in. And on a side note I just heard on the radio that Atlanta was voted the gayest city in the USA. I would've never guessed anyone could beat San Francisco, but alas it appears I was wrong. The many many many propositions that have been put up for homosexual "marriage" in the legislature have been voted against; showing that the country still has some sort of moral compass. I am sure many people would say I am anti-homosexuality; I am in fact simply Pro-God.


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