Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GREAT Weekend

Posted by Brittany at 10:12 AM
Hey everyone I had an awesome weekend and I hope you did too! I attended the Tara COC lectureship on Saturday, met up with some old friends and made some new ones! (Shout out to Teresa from Forest Park) :) Then I went to a friend's Pampered Chef party and all I can say about that was yum! I then enjoyed an amazing sermon by Bro. Eric Owens about what's really important in your life and that's saving your own soul and then saving the souls of the ones you love.

I use to own a bridal shop renting designer gowns and I decided to close it to focus on the magazine. So I had a woman come to look at a dress yesterday and she was telling me that this would be her second time being married. And so we had a good time trying on dresses and just talking. After she left I was wondering if I should say anything to her about scriptural reasons for being re-married. So later on that night I was doing my daily bible reading and in the chapters I was reading God tells Moses to go to Pharoh. Moses' reply is what struck me the most. He said, "Who am I that I should go to Pharoh?" Who am I that I should... is what I was thinking concerning this woman that I had just met. But then I thought I am the light of the world and if I don't who will?

So I called her and told her that I was concerned about her and told her what the scriptures said and she was so happy that I called. We had a good conversation and I mentioned that my father, who is a minister, does pre-marital counseling and she was very open to it. Needless to say when you do the right thing it always works out. Pray for courage and boldness to speak the truth of God's word. See people as the souls they are and try and help them wherein you can. Let's all try and remember what's truly important as we go through our daily walks.


andrea_m_davis on April 4, 2010 at 8:31 PM said...

Wow, that really shows a lot of courage. Something was on your heart and you decided to follow it. Too often we doubt ourselves; our ability to say the right words, our ability to take on a challenge for God's will, our ability to spread the word. But if we pray to God and get caught up in His word, we can't go wrong.

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