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Some information about the work of our brothers and sisters in India. Who need support and encouragement!

I am Sunil Raju, 23-year old member and preacher of the Church of Christ in India. I have just completed my Bachelor's Degree in engineering and am hoping to continue my studies within the next year to obtain my Master's Degree, Lord willing. Along with my studies, I have been working to spread the New Testament truth here and bring many lost souls to Christ.
My grandfather has preached in various congregations since 1970. My father was also a Baptist church member until he married my mother and came to know the New Testament truth and was baptized in the Church of Christ. For the past 8 years my father has been completely involved in the Lord's work. He is now the preacher in Gonepudi Church of Christ, a small village near my town. I have been helping my father preach the Word of God in several villages. I came to know the New Testament truth through my father and began working for the Churches of Christ at the age of 17 years.
For the past 6 years we have been spreading the Word of God to many unreached villages and bringing many souls to Christ. We had a good harvest, but the workers became fewer. So, we began teaching and encouraging some church members and denomination preachers, leading them through the New Testament truth. Some of these preachers have begun preaching and starting congregations in other villages. We have 5 congregations at this time with about 20 members in each congregation. Preaching School
We are conducting Bible studies for the preachers at my home one day each month. Some denomination preachers are also attending the classes. Because of these Bible classes we have conducted for the preachers, 4 denomination preachers have been converted to the New Testament Church and have begun working with us. We have been providing traveling expenses, breakfast, and lunch to the preachers who attend the classes. Also, we have been helping our preachers with a small gift every 3 months. For the detailed information about the Preaching School please Click here
Orphan home
We have had many baptisms in the past few years. I hope and pray we will have many more conversions in the future. We have orphans, semi-orphans, distitutes and widows in some of our congregations. We have been feeding these orphan children and widows once or twice a month. We would dearly love to start an orphan home for these children to provide shelter, food, and clothing and to share the love of Christ with them. For the detailed information about the orphan home please Click here
Most of our congregations are in villages and in tribal areas. All our church members are very poor. We help them with clothing, blankets and other necessities. We provide Bibles to the needy. We are doing much work in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ here in India. In His service, Sunil Raju. G, Preacher


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